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Yalo Software Development Kits

Overview of the Yalo SDK Frameworks


Project Status

This project is in a limited Beta release. For release history, go to the Change Log; see the Roadmap for upcoming releases and target GA dates. See the Troubleshooting section if you are having any issues with application releases.

The Yalo Platform allows you to build complex functionality on top of conversational channels. Through the Yalo Software Development Kits (SDKs), you can build lightweight interactive applications using React.

There's a learning curve, but it's a lot lower than having to figure all of this out from scratch. And once you're running on the Yalo platform, you have access to all that it has to offer: analytics, powerful workflows, and more.

And to make things even easier, all the SDK-buildable pieces are laid out as simple code projects that can be copied, emailed, sent through Whatsap :dancer: - so you can focus on delivering the best solution for your customer, not on managing servers or deploying complex code.

This documentation site helps you get acquainted with the tooling and deploying new code. We're here to help.

The Yalo SDKs

A software development kit (SDK) is a combination of sample code, libraries, command-line code generators, test cases, and documentation that allow creators to build and extend software in novel ways. SDKs are necessary when creating client-side code.

In a typical development workflow, developers use these tools to code from scratch. Testing, application layout, and deployment are left to the developer. Although this is flexible, it takes longer to get started and requires maintenance when new updates are available.

To make the development process easier, we bundle a suite of Platform APIs and build tools with our SDK that allow you to deploy with a single command, while the platform takes it from there. These build tools are built on the modern industry-standards of GraphQL, React, and Terraform.


Why GraphQL, React, Terraform?

Let's call it.. the GREAT stack.

Software built with the SDK is managed using the Yalo Command Line Interface (Yalo CLI). This interface allows you to:

  • Build an app from scratch, using generators.
  • Tweak that artifact by including code or configuration add-ons.
  • Publish the app
  • Manage a running application. (For instance: upgrade its version; see metrics.)

Storefront SDK for Headless Ecommerce

The Storefront SDK for headless ecommerce is a React-based framework for building lightweight ecommerce experiences like the one below. Using the SDK, template authors can create variants with differing checkout flows, pricing calculations, and integrations with payment systems.

The steps for building this application are:

  1. Build: Using the CLI, build a new Storefront with generators.
  2. Build: Preview a store with sample Products and Product Cards.
  3. Tweak: If required, tweak by choosing from a selection of add-ons. (For instance, adding payments or a detailed card view.)
  4. Tweak: If required, code elements in React and see live changes.
  5. Manage: If you added custom code in step 4, publish the Storefront to a Content Distribution Network (CDN) using Terraform.

When you are done creating a Storefront, you will see the URL to your new app:

Done! See your storefront at  https://storefronts-5f464d.yalochat.dev/awesome-store/f2d26830-e7af-11ea-8b86-9974e98a4c10

Next, you can Link your Storefront to a bot.

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Yalo Software Development Kits

Overview of the Yalo SDK Frameworks

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